Our Pastor

Pastor Ludivina Lopez Gonzalez, often known by her childhood nickname Ludy, was born on August 30, 1969 in Dorado, Puerto Rico to Reverend Juan A. Lopez Carrillo and Reverend Nereida Gonzalez Aponte. Pastor Ludy, was born and raised in the Ministry, with both parents establishing the first church in the community of Doraville, Dorado in 1976. The ministry of Pastor Ludy López, started as an Evangelist at the age of 16 years old. Apostle Ludy Lopez is the proud mother of two daughters, Naomi Giselle Gonzalez and Nalani Michelle Gonzalez, who are musicians in the worship ministry.

Apostle Ludy’s ministry has been influenced by international mentors starting from her parents Pastors Juan A. López and Nereida González, Pastor Rafael Cuevas Sr. from Jacksonville, FL, Bishop Mark Carghill from Whidbey Island, WA, Bishop Dem Overcash and Pastor Ajai Overcash from Japan, Bishops John and Anne Gimenez from Virginia Beach, VA and now Apostle Wanda Rolón as her spiritual covering for over 12 years.

Being called to form leaders through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the leaders of her church and other ministries of which she mentored, officially ordained her as the Apostle of the Path of Liberty Movement on February 22, 2009. The ministry of Apostle Ludy López has characterized itself for its integrity, authority, prophetic word, and passion for God and his people; an international ministry who by the grace of God has reached Japan, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Chile, Canada and United States. Apostle Ludy López is the founder of a bilingual and multicultural church in Tavares, FL and she also serves the community of Leesburg, FL as a committeewoman of precinct 68.

Youth Pastors Alejandro, or Alex as many people call him, and Jessica were both born in Puerto Rico. From there, the Lord took Pastor Alex to the Dominican Republic in 1991 while Pastor Jessica went to Florida, United States in 1998. At the age of 17, Pastor Alex had an encounter with God during a difficult season that would change his life forever and would empower him to walk in his God-given purpose. He uses his life as an example of what it means to believe in God through your processes and to show the redemptive nature of God. Pastor Jessica is the youngest daughter of parents that were Pastors. Having been born and brought up in church she quickly understood the importance of empowering the next generation to walk in their purpose with identity. After holding several leadership roles in different churches and having been filled with desire to be equipped and show herself approved, she fulfilled a bachelor's degree in Theological Studies and is actively pursuing a diploma in Effective Leadership.
It is their desire that the youth experience God's love, acceptance and identity through them and to empower the youth to walk in their calling. They married in 2015 and joined Senda Church in January 2019 and were formerly ordained, together, as Pastors in the Youth Ministry in October of 2019. They lead by the motto "We are better, together" as shown in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.
Aside from their love of God and the youth, they love spending quality time with their daughter, Aliandrys. They both like taking vacations and travelling to new places. Pastor Alex likes video games and enjoys fishing while Pastor Jessica likes to bake and has a slight obsession with the TV show, Friends.
Children’s Pastor Gilda was born in Puerto Rico but moved to the United states at the age of 3 and was primarily raised here in Lake County Florida. She has always had a passion for education. Being raised in a church herself  she understands the importance of helping our little ones strength their relationship with The Lord. Our  children’s Ministry goal is to help teach and strength their relationship with the lord while reading and analyzing the scriptures at their own pace , so that when they are faced with trials in their lives they are well prepared with their armors of faith , knowledge and strength. She is a wife and loving mother of two in a multicultural marriage. “ God speaks all languages and understands every need of the heart no matter how young or how old we may be we can always find grace at his feet”